Sofia Pride 2013

Few days ago, the Sofia Pride, the Bulgarian version of the Gay Pride, took place for the 6th time. The parade was postponed from June to September for security reasons due to the fact that the police could not guarantee the protection of the people. Fortunately there were no incidents, riots or abuse at all. For someone who is familiar with the Christopher Street Day in Berlin, the parade was kind of “innocent”, there was one truck with dancers, one single drag queen and one man who danced shirtless. But if you consider that the participants were advised by the police to hide all rainbow-colored flags and other stuff outside the protected area, you get an idea how brave all this is, how committed. So, compared to the CSD in Berlin, where it is mostly about having a good party, the gay Bulgarians fight for recognition, acceptance and equality. And they have to fight with no holds barred.

It was very moving and important to me that I could be there on that day. I also think that you have kind of an obligation to support this community, to support people who suffer from violence, discrimination and harassment. I am thankful that I do not have to struggle with such adversity in my life, that gay friends from my home do not have to struggle with it. Therefore, it should be understood to stand up and fight for others.

I hope more people of the foreign community will support the Sofia Pride 2014! Get up off your butts!

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