Sunny Times

One of the best things here in Sofia is the sun. The sunny weather, the dry heat, the blue sky. No wonder - Sofia is located approximately at the same latitude as Southern Italy. Never ever in my whole life I could soak up as much sun as this year! And that clearly improves the quality of life and mood. It's so much nicer to be able to drink my coffee in the morning sun and - a special plus – to work and write in the sun. Summer in Germany means the absence of rain, at least most of the time. So that’s a significant improvement, which I absolutely love! Next year, the balcony will be upgraded in any case, because it's definitive worth it. Even now, in September I can still spend every afternoon in the sun. However, I must consistently use sunblocker next year: wrinkle alert!

Minimal beautification of our balcony in the 
spring of this year Next year we tackle 
it properly!

We have also tried to grow vegetables and herbs. 
Here is also room for improvement next year..! 
A lot!

At least, we had some flowers!





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