A trip to Boyana Waterfalls

Before winter and snow will arrive here in Sofia (by the way, still sunny and warm in the afternoon, still able to drink coffe on the balcony – and this is November, as a German I am blown away!), I have to share some pictures of a beautiful trip we did this summer. For locals it might not be a big deal as they know their number one destination very well, but for me it was. The Boyana Waterfalls are really stunning and it’s a nice – but quite exhausting – excursion. Besides the great view, we noticed something very curious: Unlike in the city, in the shops, on the stairs and seemingly everywhere else, every single hiker who crossed our way has greeted us. As a close-knit community. Well, it seems you have to have something obvious in common to greet each other, otherwise you are just a stranger – and who would like to say hallo to perfect strangers…. I'll stay tuned on this observation ...

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