Abandoned Places

For those who love to discover abandoned places, Sofia is a goldmine. Even after more than a year I love to take a walk and find new places and buildings. So many things are currently in a phase of transition, this contrast between old and new is still very exciting and all-consuming. Here are some of my favorite pics. 

That's what I've discovered here in the Military Academy Park. A kind of open air library or cute place for a book swap.

This is also part of the Military Academy Park: a beautifully decorated pavilion. This park was closed for public, because it is still a part of the Military Academy complex G. S. Rakovski. But three years ago they allowed the access for regular visitors like me and now it‘s one of the quietest and unexcited areas in Sofia.

This is a part of the building of the Military Academy.

A lion - the town's landmark. Unfortunately, a very battered version of the proud beast.

This is - for whatever reason – one of my favorite urban places. It’s not beautiful or impressive but I like the colors and the mood of this house wall. By the way, many thanks to my dear friend Jan for this picture, he took it during his stay with me here last fall. You have to come over again soon!

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